Surprisingly, this film doesn’t contain a training montage to the soundtrack of an Eminem rap.

Naahhhhh, only kidding – of course it does. You didn’t expect anything else, did you?

I’m not a fan of boxing, or the boxing movie genre, so I can’t tell you if this is good or bad in the long line of such films.

I can tell you that it’s too long and very episodic. Just when you’re thinking that no more horrible things can possibly happen to Billy Hope, Forest Whitaker appears like some strange Yoda-type guru spouting all kinds of motivational guff, half of which I couldn’t actually decipher.

However, the reason I went to see this was Jake Gyllenhaal. He was excellent given what he had to work with, and the scenes with him and Oona Laurence, who plays his daughter, were probably the best thing. They were totally believable together, and I even think I had something in my eye on a couple of occasions.

Gyllenhaal won’t get his Oscar for this because the film isn’t good enough. But it’s only a matter of time.


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