Fantastic Four

A whole film which is little more than a trailer for an actual Fantastic Four movie. The characters seemed aimless, lacking intelligence, and had no connection between each other (which, considering they were either friends or family, was a puzzle). There seemed to be huge chunks of plot missing. And don’t even get me started on how much the main female character was sidelined.

Other things which bothered me:

  • Just how old are these people supposed to be? They look about 12 at the most at the beginning, then 7 years later would make them 19. Miles Teller and Jamie Bell are nearly 30.
  • When they went back to the other dimension for the third act, why did they have no breathing apparatus? Don’t tell me it was because of their special suits, because Ben Grimm doesn’t have one. He was butt naked!
  • How did they know that the special suits would contain the powers? How did they extinguish Johnny Storm long enough to put a suit on him? And how did they learn to use them?

I guess I’ll stop there because I could go on. What did I like? Well, Michael B Jordan was fine, if underused. Other than that?

There is no Fantastic Four – only Doom.

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