I followed recommendations and made a special journey to see this on the biggest screen I could – which meant IMAX 3D.Technically amazing; I can’t even begin to imagine how most of this was filmed. As a feat of film-making, it is beyond anything I’ve seen this year.

And yet I failed to be drawn in to any of the stories being told. Perhaps because there were so many individuals involved that I couldn’t get to know any of them well enough. Perhaps because, once they were all suited up, I couldn’t tell who was who.

True, it was heartbreaking to see how people lost their fight with the mountain and the elements, and I was not un-moved watching this. But this was because of the knowledge that it was actual people who died (and continue to do so), not specifically those characters whose story this was, as I didn’t feel invested in their particular story any more than anyone else’s.


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