My least favourite films of 2015

These are the ones that annoyed, angered or disappointed me most this year. As usual, I’m in the minority for one or two (or actually all five, on reflection). Click on the film name for a bit more information.

Number 5 Birdman

Perhaps this was in most people’s lists for last year, but it only appeared in the UK in 2015. And I wish it hadn’t.  A film for irritating luvvies, which is why it won stuff.

Number 4 – Jauja

Hugely anticipated because of Viggo Mortensen, but left me wondering if he thought he was in a different film altogether.

Number 3 –  Hard to Be a God

Can someone explain to me how I can both totally understand the awe and wonder that people feel for this film, and yet at the same time struggle to appreciate it myself?

Number 2 – The Duke of Burgundy

Yes, yes, being in a relationship isn’t always easy. We all play roles. If you have a bad back you’re not always fun to be around. And pyjamas aren’t sexy. (really?)

Number 1 – American Sniper

Another which only appeared in the UK in 2015. Clint pontificates (again) about What It Means To Be A Man. If this man is genuinely an American hero, then I despair.

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