I learned from this that Dalton Trumbo was a communist, an outstanding screenwriter and a bit of an eccentric egotist.

What I was hoping for something which would really get its teeth into the House Un-American Activity Committee hearings and fallout, and how it affected the wider Hollywood community.

What I got was largely a range of caricatures and impersonations, but nothing with any bite. Maybe Hedda Hopper really was as over the top as she is shown here, but setting her up as a right-wing nutcase didn’t help the story any.

I also felt that the script could do with a bit of a re-write – maybe Trumbo himself would have made a better hand of it.

Don’t get me wrong, it was entertaining enough as I like this era of Hollywood output and I enjoyed the costumes. But it just didn’t ruffle enough feathers.

Favourite thing was actually Dean O’Gorman ‘being’ Kirk Douglas. Uncanny.


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