A Bigger Splash

I must confess that I found director Luca Guadagnino’s previous feature – I Am Love – very self-indulgent and highly irritating, so the publicity around A Bigger Splash had me worried. But the cast was impressive enough to draw me in so off I went.

Ralph Fiennes is gloriously irritating, Tilda Swinton magnificently indecipherable, Dakota Johnson sulkily secretive and Matthias Schoenaerts taciturnly ursine. All together, they work brilliantly to ensure that just when you think you know where things are heading, they go in a whole different direction and I was happy to go with them.

The subtly introduced illegal immigrant side-theme was actually underplayed too much for me, and could have remained subtle yet still made more of a statement, particularly in the final act.

But this is a film with many layers, and I feel like I’m still peeling them back.

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