All Rise


Mildly interesting documentary that would have whiled away 90 minutes in the background on Netflix.

Each year, law students form all over the world face each other in a moot court to argue the case for an imaginary nation embroiled in an international dispute with its imaginary neighbour. This film follows a selection of students from a variety of countries as they win or lose their case to progress to the final and ‘win’ Jessup (the name of the competition).

While there is no doubt that these young people are intelligent and committed, and that some of them may indeed go on to play significant roles in shaping the future, on occasion it felt like a school play; for all their self-belief and determination, it felt a little amateurish, with more than a few divas on display.

In short, there were many more interesting stories hidden among the characters that weren’t allowed to or didn’t emerge, but which were hinted at.

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