Daredevil S2

After I’d watched Marvel/Netflix’s Jessica Jones, I wrote about how I felt having watched the series. So now I feel like I need to write about this second season of Daredevil.

I enjoyed the first season, so went into this with positive vibes. But it was a bit of a disappointment, to be honest. Not awful, just disappointing.

Note: spoilers ahead – you’ve been warned!

The season got off to a slow start, with very little daredevilling in the first few episodes, and very little lawyering either. I was also struggling to believe the Karen and Matt relationship – too gushy, and it just didn’t click with me.

Actually Karen is a character I’ve never really warmed to anyway. She has a potentially interesting back story which is hinted at from time to time, but appears to be either a legal assistant or miraculously an investigative journalist whenever the plot requires it, with no real explanation. But the really horrible thing about Karen is how the writers have, yet again, taken a female character and have her drawn to bad guy, thinking she can fix him. Marvel/Netflix really needs to think about how it writes its female characters, because after Jessica Jones, I’m definitely starting to worry.

The other female character is Elektra, who has to be one of the most annoying characters ever. Dropping back into Matt’s life as if nothing has happened, she snaps her fingers and he jumps. It’s not the actress’s fault that I found her clipped English/French accent difficult to listen to, but in her presence Matt turns into a total asshat and lets everyone down, including himself. And his flip-flopping between the two women was ridiculous. This was not the Matt Murdock I met in season 1. Had I done so, I would not have been back for season 2.

I wonder if there was a competition to see how many villains could be on the rampage at any one time? I counted around 10 different groups or individuals – and this is not your usual villain of the week turn. Several of them showed up all at once and I lost track of who was working with/turning against whom.

With the exception of Wilson Fisk. As soon as he appeared, there were fireworks; he electrified everything. His scene with Matt in the prison was brilliant.

And the other brilliant thing is Foggy. He is completely wonderful and is treated shabbily by Matt, who fails to support him in his work, and by the writers, who managed to make him disappear from most of the final two episodes.

And then suddenly it’s Christmas. In New York City – with no snow?

I very nearly gave up on this season – Vincent D’Onofrio pulled me back in. He better be back soon.


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