I can see why this film is divisive.

I went to see it because of the ‘one-take’ premise. Could it be done? How could it be done? What was to be gained by doing it?

To answer the first question – clearly yes.

To answer the second – with excellent planning and some great camera work, I presume.

To answer the third – I’m not sure, apart from the satisfaction for those involved of knowing that they achieved it.

I found the first part of the story more interesting than the second, but I did have to keep reminding myself that not just I but also Victoria had only met the guys an hour or so ago, and so the speed with which the relationships developed seemed a little hasty. Logically, some of the decisions taken by the characters, and particularly Victoria, seemed ridiculous and were necessary only to keep the plot moving along. And when I found myself thinking “well that plot point wouldn’t work because this and this”, then I knew it wasn’t working for me.

It is definitely an achievement on a technical level, but the fact that I was consistently thinking that meant that it was narratively weak.

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