Midnight Special

For the first two-thirds of this story, we’re left to ourselves to decide what is actually going on. It could be any number of things – science, science-fiction, superhero, religion, medical. It could involve criminal intent – or not. But I love films like this, which have me asking ‘what’s going on’ while keeping me firmly involved in the plot.

When the reveal comes, I was totally with it, and in fact very glad that this was the choice that had been made.

I actually think there didn’t need to be a big reveal, or not until the very end at least,  but never mind. It’s a really clever idea, brought to life with some excellent performances from Michael Shannon, Joel Edgerton and in particular Adam Driver, of whom there was not enough. I found myself wondering what he was up to when he wasn’t on screen.

There were a couple of strands which seemed to get lost in the editing process, but nevertheless this has risen to the top of my favourite films of this year so far.


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