Saul fia – Son of Saul

This much-awarded film has been on the must-see list for a while, and it is certainly required, though not easy, viewing.

For a first-time director, albeit it one with an apprenticeship at the elbow of Bela Tarr, László Nemes has created a profound and moving film, and the limitations he has imposed upon himself work to emphasise the emotional impact.

Holding the camera for the most part on the face of Saul (Géza Röhrig), with the background never properly in focus, the claustrophobic feeling becomes almost overwhelming – yet there’s no where else to look, it’s inescapable.

Nemes has also done something extraordinary with the sound. It’s more than the ” all around you” effect – on a couple of occasions I actually thought people near me were having full-blown conversations and was all ready to shush them.

Most definitely a film to be seen, but it’s not one to enjoy.

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