Star Trek Beyond

… and … relax.

I was mildly a-feared that we may have been on a downward spiral from 2009’s Star Trek reboot, but I’m happy to report that it turned out not to be the case.

This is a film that contains both the big and the small. I think this is the first time *ever* in all my Trek years that I have actually properly felt the size and scale of the USS Enterprise; it genuinely seemed big enough to need hundreds of crew and travel across the galaxy. And yet the plot is essentially that of the small screen –  a contained episode midway through the 5-year mission, and not anchored to Earth and/or Starfleet HQ.

There are enough subtle (and on occasion touching) nods not only to previous Trek films but also TV series (including Enterprise, yay!) to keep this fangirl happy, and although they may be lost on non-Trek followers, it doesn’t spoil it if you don’t get the references. Very impressed with the Jayla character too, played with spirit by Sofia Boutella.

If there is a weak link it is possibly in the lack of depth to the Krall character. Idris Elba is almost unrecognisable in the prosthetics and his motivation, revealed very late in the day, seemed like it needed some extra grounding. And keeping Kirk and Spock apart for long stretches was a bit of shame as they are good together – but this left opportunities for other character pairings and budding bromances to blossom.

Anyway, I think I’m going to start a petition to make sure that Karl Urban is in every film ever from now on. Ever.





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