The Bourne Location

The Bourne films thrive on taking us on trips to various, usually European, locations, and I had the good luck to find myself in the heart of one of them a few years ago.

Berlin is one of my favourite cities, and on a short break there I happened to notice a really good deal on accommodation at The Westin Grand. This would normally be out of my price range, but it turns out that there were extensive developments on Berlin’s underground system taking place right outside the door. I guess this meant that the usual clientele would be put off so they lowered prices for the duration. Anyway, I snapped it up, because of its location in Berlin and because it only took a moment to recognise that amazing atrium from The Bourne Supremacy.

IMG_0450 IMG_0451























You might also remember that Bourne arranges to meet Nicky at Alexanderplatz, by the world clock – here it is!










By the way, The Westin Grand also appeared in a film earlier this year – Victoria. This movie is known for having been filmed in one take, and the final scenes take place in the Westin. It’s an interesting film which many people really liked – it didn’t work for me entirely, but it certainly has its merits, and it might be worth a look.

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