Jason Bourne

Why, Alicia Vikander, why? Why would you do this? Tapping furiously at a computer keyboard and barking “copy that” for two hours is not worthy of you.

Vikander’s character (Heather Lee) dragged this whole thing down. She is way out of her depth and would have been eaten alive by Pamela Landy. Her motivation is unconvincing, and she ends up pleading with Tommy Lee Jones like a sullen teenager, which undermined her justification for being in that job in the first place.

The film isn’t about her, but she sucks the life out of what good there was in it.

There’s a lively motorbike chase scene – but it’s at night, and so more difficult to appreciate than the Tangiers chase from Ultimatum.

There’s a fun crowd chaos scene in London – but it doesn’t come anywhere near the Waterloo Station crowds.

There *is* a cracking car chase through Las Vegas though, I’ll give it that.

And what of the eponymous Jason Bourne? Our taciturn hero never stops moving. He pauses only long enough for us to read the next bit of exposition that we need (because having a conversation would take too much time).

I always like watching Matt Damon, but if it was really necessary to revisit Jason Bourne, then this wasn’t the way I wanted it.

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