Suicide Squad

The pleasant surprise of Suicide Squad was seeing such good performances from Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Viola Davis. But to be honest that was the only pleasant thing about this.

The MCU has had the benefit of the forward planning which allowed many of its superheroes to be introduced in their own movies, so that when they get together, we know who they are, why they are and what they are.

In the absence of this, Warner Bros and DC have to spend the first half hour just introducing everyone, but are never really able to present any depth to the characters. The relationships and motivations didn’t make sense to me, as I have no knowledge of the comic book origins.

And *what* was Cara Delevingne doing? Quite apart from not having a clue as to what was going on with her, her powers seem to be controlled by some kind of weird hip swivel which was, quite frankly, ridiculous. Don’t even get me started on The Joker, who was annoying, badly defined and largely absent.

It’s an unholy mess of a film and was only marginally better than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in that it didn’t make me angry, just bored.


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