Bobby Deerfield (1977)

Rewatching for my The Complete Pacino list.

How bizarre! The publicity photography would have us all believe that this is a story about Formula 1, and the men who drive the fast cars.

Actually it’s a romantic story which borders on melodrama and would have descended into such were it not for Sydney Pollack’s direction and Pacino’s hugely restrained emotional depth.

Deerfield is a character who faces death every time he goes to work, but appears to be devoid of emotion off the track. We don’t see him smile until a long way into the film; he seems incapable of grieving, sharing or even holding conversations of any length, and is oblivious to life. He meets Lillian, a woman who wants to fill every minute of her life with action, conversation, energy, and tries to drag him along for the ride.

It’s not dreadful, but coming in the wake of Dog Day Afternoon, I don’t think the romantic role is exactly what fans would be looking for, and certainly not what I was expecting.

Example of misleading trailer below.

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