El Clan – The Clan

A film based on real-life events in the Argentina of the 1980s, which intersperses odd moments of original news footage with the drama.

What I recall from news at the time is that Argentina had its fair share of mafia-style and government corruption, and this is the setting for this story. The clan of the title kidnaps people in return for money, and we see the various levels of involvement of the parents and mostly grown children of the family. But while focussing so much on the tight environment of the family, the wider situation in the country is left drifting.

There’s a lot of mirrors and glass reflections shining a light on the characters, asking them to look at themselves – but the invitation to Argentina to reflect on its less than perfect past is vague.

It’s not often I think a film isn’t heavy-handed enough, but perhaps this is one of those times.


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