El hombre de las mil caras – Smoke and Mirrors

I detest when people in the cinema talk during the film. But when it happend this time, it had an interesting effect on my perception of the film, another ‘based on a true story’ tale of a man who fooled the entire Spanish government over a period of years with fraud, lies and stories.

Inevitably a story like this, with so many twists, turns and lies, presents challenges. There’s a voice-over throughout, calmly explaining what happened. But how far can this be believed? And with so many lies and deceptions, even what’s on the screen can’t be taken for granted.

And so I’ll admit, I got a little confused on a couple of occasions. There was enough to keep me wanting to understand, but I’m not totally sure I got everything I needed to.

But to return to the chattering audience – the unveiling of the deception was clearly hitting home with the older Spanish people around me. There was a lot of ‘si’ type commentary, from which I assume that the criticisms of corruption were well-received, and so although I was lost, it did hit home with a certain part of the audience.

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