Childhood Movie Scares – inspired by the Filmspotting podcast

I’m a week behind on this podcast, and so I guess its my own fault that I ended up listening to it driving over the Pennines, in the dark, through the fog, alone.

I hadn’t planned it that way – I’m a real wuss when it comes to horror films, and so I actively avoid them. There’s a whole list of films I haven’t seen and I doubt I ever will, because I don’t like being frightened. There are enough scary things in the world already, thank you, without paying for it.

Part of the podcast has the hosts and guest naming their Top 5 Childhood Movie Scares, and as I was on my spooky lonesome drive home, I started to think what had scared me as a child, before I had properly learned to avoid stuff like that. These may be small fry for you, but most of them still give me the creeps even now. As I said, I’m a wuss.

5   Daleks. Any episode. (Since superseded as an adult by those Weeping Angels.)

4   The Birds pecking at Tippi Hedren’s face.

3   The actual Picture of Dorian Gray.

2   Those dolls with metal teeth in Barbarella.

1   The video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Eyes. I hate it when eyes go funny. And zombies. And Michael Jackson’s pretty creepy anyway, come to think of it.

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