Dolan Directs: Introduction

I wish I could explain why I am so enamoured of the films of Canadian director Xavier Dolan.

His films are challenging, sometimes shouty, aggressively populated. The characters are outsiders yet ordinary, antagonistic to those closest to them, often unhappy or troubled.

But I find his films striking, mesmerising and above all, honest in a way which is rare.

And so, with Dolan’s film Juste la fin du monde getting its full UK cinema release in February (having premiered at the London Film Festival in October 2016), I’ve decided to revisit his films so far. There’ll be a post everyday in anticipation of seeing Juste la fin du monde again.

For French speakers (and I’ll admit, I didn’t understand all of this as the Canadian accent is sometimes beyond me!) here is a lengthy ‘masterclass’ with Dolan in which he speaks candidly about film making in general and his own films in particular.


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