Dolan Directs: Adele – Hello (2015)

If you’ve been reading the past posts in this series, you’ll know how happy I am to be able to report that there is tea in china cups! It may seem like this is becoming something of an obsession for me, but now that I’ve noticed it, I need to see tea in china cups from Xavier Dolan every time.

You know, I’m not an Adele fan, and so I had a much better time watching this with the audio off. It also means that I paid more attention to the visuals, particularly at the times when Adele wasn’t on screen but was still bellowing singing.

As with the music video for Indochine’s College Boy, this too has been shot in black & white, providing some beautiful images under the eye of cinematographer André Turpin. Turpin has not only worked on previous Dolan output (College Boy, Mommy, Tom à la ferme, Juste la fin du monde), he also did the work on Denis Villeneuve’s beautiful Incendies. I felt less of a story or message in this video than the previous music short, and I wonder if it’s because the song is just too bland for Dolan to really get his teeth into?

Sound on or sound off? Over to you.


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