Manchester Film Festival: Day 3

Three features to comment on today.

First up, Josephine Doe – yet another film in which the main character has a mental illness and things aren’t quite what they seem. Shot in black & white which appeared to mirror a muted range of emotions for the main character, I was waiting all along for some big reveal or explanation which, when something akin to this came, I couldn’t actually see what was happening because of the camera shot so I remain clueless. The character of the sister seemed particularly contradictory and left me wanting a rewrite. (Edit: This ended up winning the award for Best Screenplay, so what do I know?)

Preceded by short Running Through Life – a woman runs while mentally beating herself up about why she’s not perfect. We’ve all been there love. (Edit: This won best Experimental Short Film. Perhaps for its technical aspects. I hope.)

Time for some music! No Roads In not only followed the process of a group of Canadian musicians recording an album in a ramshackle house surrounded by wind-swept wheat fields, but also provided live performances by Blake Reid and Aaron Young. Beautiful cinematography, great music, and I intend to buy the album when it appears.

My final film of the day was a lesser of two evils choice, and I was expecting not to enjoy it too much as the Wes Anderson references were rife in the promotional material.

However, Creedmoria turned out to be the best film I’ve seen so far as far as the festival goes. Reminders of The Royal Tenenbaums are inevitable to an extent, and yet main character Candy is rooted in a definite recognisable reality, with the quirkiness being her own, not that of the world in which she lives. I don’t think the trailer below does it justice, to be honest. (Edit: Winner of Best Production, Best Director, and Audience Pick.)


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