Certain Women

More of a collection of short stories loosely connected by little more than geography and ships passing in the night.

The first part, featuring Laura Dern as a weary lawyer, exposes a truth many women have felt – “If I were a man I could just do my job and people would take me seriously”.

There is an inconsequential character link to the second part – and this is the first time I have ever watched Michelle Williams and felt she was not firing on all cylinders. I’m a huge fan of hers, and was left thinking there should have been more to this section.

The third part was, for me, the strongest section, and this was due entirely to Lily Gladstone. Not to say Kristen Stewart isn’t good (she is, and I love her work in general too). But Gladstone was mesmerising. Those moments when the camera fixed on her face and her whole soul was there to read. A winning performance for sure.

I’m fine with these three strands not tying up to form one narrative, but with the parts being variable in their level of impact, this didn’t bowl me over. Reichardt saved the best for last, though.


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