Pasaje de vida – Safe Passage (+Q&A)

A Spanish/Argentine co-production which more or less successfully handles leaps of time from the Argentina of the 1970s to present day Spain by some very astute casting and camera shots.

Miguel (Miguel Ángel Solá) is visited by his son in hospital; his disorientation and loss of memory due to dementia leave him asking questions about people unknown to his son Mario. As the younger man looks for answers, we see Miguel in his younger years (now played by Chino Darín) and his involvement in union resistance to the government in Buenos Aires in the seventies.

If you are looking for the big picture of Argentina in this era however, you won’t find it. What we have is a family story, a personal story, a story of a couple, and how the period affected them in their younger days. The fact that it’s about the people actually made it a much more interesting film, and one which offers a different approach to the historical dramas generally set in this time period.

After the screening, director Diego Corsini spoke in some depth about how the previous Argentine government partially funded the film but how the current government (much less liberal) is quietly turning away from it. He spoke about how the film is not directly a biography of his parents, but that much of the material is taken from things which happened to his parents and their compatriots at the time – and I think this personal touch shows.

Corsini was delighted at the full house which turned out for his film, and it certainly deserves to be seen by a large audience.


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