Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Well, I didn’t get on with the first of these films, but I read many people saying this one was even better, so I had vaguely raised hopes.

But it looks like you have to have liked the first one to think that this one is better because I thought this was even more tedious. Sorry, but there it is.

I got sick and tired of cute, shoehorned musical cues and references to popular culture. And I was annoyed with the multitude of comic interjections just at the point when something serious was about to happen or had just happened. The opinion I expressed after the first film still stands:

It tries far too hard to be funny, to set up jokes. The funniest things in, for example, Thor or The Avengers Assemble emerge naturally from the characters’ reactions to various situations. They don’t need a punchline to be funny.

So many characters, mostly yelling at each other. And how many times did this end? (And I’m not talking about mid/end-credit scenes either.) Dead mothers (again). And someone like Gamora would never be interested in that pathetic Quill.

Everything Dave Bautista did was perfect, and I laughed every time he said something. And Baby Groot is cute, yes.

But this is too long, and too not my taste.

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