Revolution (1985)

Rewatching for my The Complete Pacino list.

Where to start? Let’s start at the end. Why on earth would you cast Annie Lennox in a film and then have her voice dubbed when her character sings a song? In fact, everyone seemed to be dubbed or ADR-ed at some point, and accents wandered all over the Atlantic.

It’s well-known that this film was an almighty flop, and whether that was due to its rushed editing, poor script or odd casting, it certainly doesn’t hold up over time either.

What’s really sad is that at the very end there’s a technically great sequence where the camera follows Pacino for quite a while as he moves through crowds, an alleyway and across boats all in one take and I was so bored and willing it to be over that I almost missed it.

For whatever reason or combinations thereof this didn’t work, and it’s small wonder that Pacino hibernated for four years before returning to the screen.

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