Justice League (2017)

This just in – I didn’t hate Justice League, and I am delighted.

I mean, there’s a long way to go before it reaches Marvel levels of enjoyment, but it didn’t make me angry, and the plot seemed to make sense so that’s a huge step up.

Obviously it’s great to see Wonder Woman back again, and Ezra Miller’s Flash brought a slice of much-needed levity – particularly as Ben Affleck clearly didn’t want to be there, which seeped through his cowl and cape every time he was on-screen. And Cavill does absolutely nothing for me. I find him a total charisma vacuum.

I’m not convinced that what we got of The Flash’s history would have made sense had I not been watching the TV series about this character though. He’s so fast and the dialogue so snappy that I think a viewer with no knowledge at all would not have understood too much about his situation. Same goes for one of the characters who appears in the post-credits scene.

By the way director dudes, Patty Jenkins managed to make a whole movie without looking up Wonder Woman’s skirt, and I’m pretty sure you could have done the same thing too if you had wanted to. No need, boys, no need at all.

Aquabro is a different type of character for me and I’m looking forward to learning more about him – ideally we should have had this in advance of Justice League, but DC didn’t create a timeline of movie releases which would allow that, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how he works. (Particularly as they can’t spend the whole film inside a bubble so everyone can talk to each other.)

Cyborg is a much better character than I expected, and Ray Fisher did a great job in making him interesting and nuanced.

And I have to ask – what is DC’s problem with mothers? Not content with the whole Batman v Superman Martha situation, we have Aquabro, Flash and Cyborg all with missing mamas; Diana viewing the gang as children that she’s been put in charge of, and then … we have … MOTHERboxes!

Surely it can’t be a coincidence?

Also – guys, don’t leave the box lying around unattended you idiots! Anyone could pick it up. Sheesh.


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