Нелюбовь – Loveless + Q&A

A week in advance of the official UK release, Manchester's leading independent cinema (and my own personal favourite) HOME brought the cinema-going citizens of the region a preview screening of Loveless followed by a Q&A with director Andrey Zvyagintsev and producer Aleksandr Rodnyanskiy. Loveless is nominated for an Academy Award this year in the 'Foreign Language Film' … Continue reading Нелюбовь – Loveless + Q&A

Pasaje de vida – Safe Passage (+Q&A)

A Spanish/Argentine co-production which more or less successfully handles leaps of time from the Argentina of the 1970s to present day Spain by some very astute casting and camera shots. Miguel (Miguel Ángel Solá) is visited by his son in hospital; his disorientation and loss of memory due to dementia leave him asking questions about people … Continue reading Pasaje de vida – Safe Passage (+Q&A)

Cien años de perdon – To steal from a thief 

The annual VIVA Spanish and Latin American Film Festival swung into life this evening at HOME with a feature and a short, both of which were reminiscent of classic films from decades past, yet which also stood up very firmly in their own right. They are also linked by a theme. TheThe short, Nini, is … Continue reading Cien años de perdon – To steal from a thief 

Manchester Film Festival: Day 4

Final day and I was making sure I squeezed the most out of my festival pass! The day started with Planet Ottakring, an Austrian gangster comedy with underlying commentary on inner-city Vienna's diverse immigrant culture and the economic issues surrounding more deprived areas like Ottakring. The mood is along the lines of Run, Lola, Run … Continue reading Manchester Film Festival: Day 4

Manchester Film Festival: Day 3

Three features to comment on today. First up, Josephine Doe - yet another film in which the main character has a mental illness and things aren't quite what they seem. Shot in black & white which appeared to mirror a muted range of emotions for the main character, I was waiting all along for some … Continue reading Manchester Film Festival: Day 3

Manchester Film Festival: Day 2

Today's features largely chosen because of their timings. The first screening was Stanley A Man of Variety, starring only Timothy Spall. Spall plays a man suffering from mental illness, in addition to all the people he sees in his head as a result of the illness. These characters are largely variety show characters from last … Continue reading Manchester Film Festival: Day 2

Manchester Film Festival: Day 1

This year's MANIFF looks a little different - it's a young festival (2017 is its third year) and so this is to be expected. This time around, there seem to be fewer films and only one venue. I don't know if there have been simply fewer submissions, or if it was a conscious decision to … Continue reading Manchester Film Festival: Day 1

Juste la fin du monde – It’s Only the End of the World

This was the film I had built my entire (if short) London Film Festival experience around. As soon as I knew I was going to be in town on the evening of the UK premiere, I booked my ticket. Director Xavier Dolan is currently one of my favourite directors. His films aren't always easy to … Continue reading Juste la fin du monde – It’s Only the End of the World

The Neon Demon – and Q&A with Nicolas Winding Refn

This was a special preview screening just a couple of weeks after the film premiered at Cannes - the UK release is not for another month - so well done to HOME for securing not just the preview, but also the presence of director Nicolas Winding Refn for the post-screening chat. Firstly, to the film. During … Continue reading The Neon Demon – and Q&A with Nicolas Winding Refn