Kvinden i buret – The Keeper of Lost Causes

As a fan of the many Nordic Noir television series which have been screened via our telly boxes these last few years, I enjoyed this film very much.  There’s the twisty turny plot, misty connections between characters, and car journeys through pine forests. It had one of the darkest plot lines, and as for tension – it came in bucket loads.

Despite, or maybe because of all this though, I can’t help but feel that it really belonged on BBC4 on a Saturday evening, rather than on a cinema screen.

Perhaps I’m just used to having my Scandinoir delivered directly to my sofa, so that venturing forth to seek it out seemed a bit over the top.

But I do have a positive reason for wanting it on my TV, too, and that’s the developing relationship between the broken, middle-aged cop and his enthusiastic, young, Asian partner. They are great together, and I’m keen to see more of them. It appears that there are some TV episodes featuring them which have been made subsequently and so I hope we’ll have access to them in the future.

Preferably on the telly.



An absolutely delightful yet thought-provoking story of a strong-minded and resourceful young girl growing up with her mother in Riyadh.

Constrained by society, she nevertheless sets out to make a dream become reality.

Presenting interesting insights into family life in this slice of Arabic culture, this film is highly recommended.

Hors La Loi – Outside of the Law

I don’t recall ever having seen an Algerian film before, but this came highly recommended, having been Oscar nominated.

It tells the story of three brothers whose lives take them in different directions until eventually they unite in the struggle for Algerian independence from France in the 1950s.

Their paths are interesting, as is the story, but I will admit to being distracted by some of the scene set-ups. Three brothers, set in the 1950s, smart suits, hats and guns …I was just waiting for someone to make an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Some may call it homage, some may call it direct copy – but there is no mistaking the similarites in some of the shots.

An enjoyable film.