Krigen – A War

The first two-thirds of this story try (and to a large extent succeed) in putting the viewer very definitely in a war, or at least our protagonists' portion of a war. It's dangerous, loud, confusing - we don't know who we can trust, who's being used, how safe it is to put one foot in … Continue reading Krigen – A War


Long takes, still camera and minimal dialogue. It's all a bit Tarkovsky, but left me asking what and why, which generally isn't the case with the Russian director, who is clearly a massive influence here. It has also has a definite Western vibe (yet another in 2015 - see here for others) and is framed … Continue reading Jauja

The Salvation

Beautiful Mads Mikkelsen straps on a holster, loads up his Winchester and primes his cheekbones for a showdown with the guy who done killed his family. It has some gorgeous visuals which make it a pleasure to watch, but beyond that it's actually a formulaic revenge Western with one-dimensional characters, predictable plot and some minimalistic … Continue reading The Salvation

Kvinden i buret – The Keeper of Lost Causes

As a fan of the many Nordic Noir television series which have been screened via our telly boxes these last few years, I enjoyed this film very much.  There's the twisty turny plot, misty connections between characters, and car journeys through pine forests. It had one of the darkest plot lines, and as for tension - … Continue reading Kvinden i buret – The Keeper of Lost Causes