Juste la fin du monde – It’s Only the End of the World

This was the film I had built my entire (if short) London Film Festival experience around. As soon as I knew I was going to be in town on the evening of the UK premiere, I booked my ticket. Director Xavier Dolan is currently one of my favourite directors. His films aren't always easy to … Continue reading Juste la fin du monde – It’s Only the End of the World

L’avenir – Things to Come

Can a performance be outstanding and understated at the same time? It's the best description I can come up with for Isabelle Huppert in this low-key story of a woman whose life is undergoing major changes. The life events come thick and fast, (ageing parents, relationship difficulties, getting too old for the job) but there … Continue reading L’avenir – Things to Come

Évolution – Evolution 

Very strange, atmospheric film which was interesting, although failed to really convey more than an air of mystery and a sense of depth yet to be explored. Shades of David Cronenberg's body horror and Shane Carruth's otherworldliness mingle with some fairytale-type storytelling. Difficult to say more without giving away what little plot there is. Directed by Lucile Hadzihalilovic, … Continue reading Évolution – Evolution 

Clouds of Sils Maria

The Clouds of the title are a meteorological phenomenon which happens in the mountains, where the clouds swirl through the peaks and valleys like a serpent. The clouds will look different depending on where you are viewing them from, but they also shape shift while you are actually watching them. The film's plot does exactly … Continue reading Clouds of Sils Maria