The Great Wall

Clearly a film that has been made for showing in 3D (which I didn't). While it was a bit silly (particularly the monsters) there were a few things which I really liked looking at. There's a gorgeous scene with some stained glass which looked absolutely stunning. And the bungee-jumping blue ladies were magnificent. I also … Continue reading The Great Wall

Nie yin niang – The Assassin 

Lives up to all the reports of looking beautiful. And all the reports of sparse/incomprehensible plot. On balance, I was OK with the latter because of the former while I was watching it, but don't feel like I could sit through it again. The slower pace allows time for some beautiful cinematography, so the best … Continue reading Nie yin niang – The Assassin 

Yi dai zong shi – The Grandmaster

The version I saw was the shorter, edited-down version, which was the only cinema choice we have been offered in the UK (thanks, Mr Weinstein). While I enjoyed this film, (and perhaps the re-edited version does make it more accessible for someone like myself who has little knowledge of kung fu or Chinese history), I … Continue reading Yi dai zong shi – The Grandmaster