So much hair! So many limbs!

A beautiful, frustrating, sad, at times uplifting story about 5 young Turkish sisters whose freedom is curtailed by older family members wishing to preserve their purity.

The young women in the roles are a triumph of casting, and their moments of empowerment are as uplifting as their moments of oppression are frustrating.

A couple of plot point seemed to be a tad convenient, and I wasn’t sure I needed the uncle to behave as he did in one specific respect, as the point was already made by then. It’s also interesting to wonder if this film would have been different if it had been totally funded by Turkey, instead of having international funding – or if it would even have been made at all without non-Turkish support.

But it’s a very absorbing film showing a slice of life very different from my own. Recommended viewing.

Kış Uykusu – Winter Sleep

I enjoyed watching this, but when I got to the end I couldn’t help thinking that there’s almost a case for this being a four-part drama. Some brilliant lengthy conversations between siblings, husband and wife, landlord and tenant exploring weighty subjects are linked by impressive scenery. But it is long.