Tigre (2017)

Viewed at TIFF '17 A collection of women of different generations find themselves sharing space in a run-down house on the Argentine delta. The men around them (sons, boyfriends) appear to lack the strength of conviction and personality that the women possess - it makes for some really interesting scenes between the women, and a couple … Continue reading Tigre (2017)

Cocote (2017)

Viewed at TIFF '17 Alberto has a job at a rich family's mansion and is a man of few words. He returns to his rural home for a few days on learning of his father's death. Apart from the opening and closing scenes at the mansion (a static wide-shot of the swimming pool), the rest of … Continue reading Cocote (2017)

Pasaje de vida – Safe Passage (+Q&A)

A Spanish/Argentine co-production which more or less successfully handles leaps of time from the Argentina of the 1970s to present day Spain by some very astute casting and camera shots. Miguel (Miguel Ángel Solá) is visited by his son in hospital; his disorientation and loss of memory due to dementia leave him asking questions about people … Continue reading Pasaje de vida – Safe Passage (+Q&A)

Cien años de perdon – To steal from a thief 

The annual VIVA Spanish and Latin American Film Festival swung into life this evening at HOME with a feature and a short, both of which were reminiscent of classic films from decades past, yet which also stood up very firmly in their own right. They are also linked by a theme. TheThe short, Nini, is … Continue reading Cien años de perdon – To steal from a thief 


Director Pablo Larraín gives Chilean poet Pablo Neruda a taste of his own magical reality by mixing elements of Neruda's real life with a fictional police officer who is on his trail. As can be expected, Gael García Bernal beautifully inhabits the self-aware, self-aggrandising fictional sleuth, hot on the trail of Neruda, a fugitive in … Continue reading Neruda

Relatos salvajes – Wild Tales

An anthology of six short scenarios, with a darkly comic theme of revenge. Gleeful, self-indulgent, revenge. We shouldn't side with the violence, yet we can't help ourselves (mostly). In these short vignettes, director Damián Szifrón manages to give just enough background so that we understand exactly why the victims/perpetrators feel and act the way they … Continue reading Relatos salvajes – Wild Tales

María y el Araña – María and Spider

Seen as part of the ¡Viva! Film Festival. I was bracing myself for yet another coming-of-age tale having read the description of this film, the only one in the ¡Viva! Weekender by a female director. But I was pleased to discover that my fears were unfounded. Yes, the film's two main protagonists are a couple … Continue reading María y el Araña – María and Spider