It took me almost 24 hours to work out my response to this film. I kept swaying between "very very good" and "very very annoying" and so walked away from writing about it as nothing I put down made any sense to me. Having now figured out what the main issue for me was, it's … Continue reading Elle

Forushande – The Salesman

This film exemplifies one of the reasons why I love watching films in languages other than English. I know nothing about everyday life in Tehran apart from what Iranian filmmakers show me. Here, Asghar Farhadi shows how the relationship between a teacher and amateur actor, and his wife (also an amateur actor) is put under … Continue reading Forushande – The Salesman

Free Fire – Preview & Q+A

A new film by Ben Wheatley, particularly a preview and post-screen Q&A with the director, will inevitably be a draw for many cinema fans. Me? The cast was the attraction. Cillian Murphy, Armie Hammer and Brie Larson were the main pull-factor, plus an additional cast which includes Michael Smiley, Sam Riley, Noah Taylor and Jack Reynor … Continue reading Free Fire – Preview & Q+A

La fille inconnue – The Unknown Girl

Just after seeing this movie, I read that directors Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne had originally intended to make this film with Marion Cotillard but it didn't work so they made Two Days, One Night with her instead. And intriguingly, having had two years to sort out The Unknown Girl, the two films have so many … Continue reading La fille inconnue – The Unknown Girl


Director Pablo Larraín gives Chilean poet Pablo Neruda a taste of his own magical reality by mixing elements of Neruda's real life with a fictional police officer who is on his trail. As can be expected, Gael García Bernal beautifully inhabits the self-aware, self-aggrandising fictional sleuth, hot on the trail of Neruda, a fugitive in … Continue reading Neruda

Réparer les vivants – Heal the Living

A  fabulous, almost dialogue-free, opening section with some stunning visuals sets up one side of the story, and we only meet the protagonists of the other side much later, when their story is told separately. Obviously, the two threads are intertwined by the end, but I don't wish to give too much away so I'll say … Continue reading Réparer les vivants – Heal the Living