Martin Scorsese must feel a huge sense of relief, having finally brought to screen a story which has been in planning for 20 years or so.

But this is so clearly a very personal exploration of faith, doubt and belief by the director that any opinions I have seem unnecessary. Scorsese has bared his soul on screen and I don’t see how it’s my place to argue with him on this one, even though I am coming to this from arguably the very opposite direction.

I will say that I felt a profound inability to empathise with the two padres, which is not the film’s fault, I don’t think.

Speaking specifically about the film, it’s certainly beautiful, with the strongest performances from the Japanese cast. I’m not convinced that Andrew Garfield was the right choice for the lead role, and I would have liked to have seen more from Adam Driver. In fact, had their roles been switched, it may have been different all together.



Nie yin niang РThe Assassin 

Lives up to all the reports of looking beautiful.

And all the reports of sparse/incomprehensible plot.

On balance, I was OK with the latter because of the former while I was watching it, but don’t feel like I could sit through it again.

The slower pace allows time for some beautiful cinematography, so the best thing is just to relax into it and let it wash over you.