The Martian

At last, an intelligent space film that isn't full of navel gazing introspection, and which is fun without being silly. Helped by Matt Damon's natural charm as a screen presence, this is actually a film about science and problem solving. Figure this first thing out, you're one step closer to your goal. After you've found … Continue reading The Martian


I followed recommendations and made a special journey to see this on the biggest screen I could - which meant IMAX 3D.Technically amazing; I can't even begin to imagine how most of this was filmed. As a feat of film-making, it is beyond anything I've seen this year. And yet I failed to be drawn in … Continue reading Everest

Captain America – or should that be Captain Manchester?

I've know about this location for, well, ages, but because it's in the town in which I live and is virtually on the doorstep, I didn't think any more of it until I started to put together my 'on location' posts. There's a part of Manchester city centre known as the Northern Quarter, and it … Continue reading Captain America – or should that be Captain Manchester?

La Isla Mínima – Marshlands

Gorgeous, vertiginous overhead shots and wide landscapes are the visual hallmark of this Spanish detective story. With Spain still not sure of itself in a post-Franco democracy, two detectives not sure of each other's backgrounds, and everyone seeming to have a hidden agenda, the many layers mostly fall in to place by the end, although … Continue reading La Isla Mínima – Marshlands