Jupiter Ascending

Aw, you know, I totally understand why people will not get on with this film at all. But at least the Wachowskis try to do things a little differently. For example, the eponymous Jupiter at least has some real agency by the end of the film, and makes her own decisions on her own terms. … Continue reading Jupiter Ascending


So there's a volcano, and some gladiators, and a woman who's too thin really to be properly beautiful, and a young man who's quite handsome and can ride horses well.  And there's Kiefer Sutherland with a very strange mid-Atlantic accent. Not quite sure what he was aiming for there. It's not actually about the volcano, … Continue reading Pompeii


It's been the year of crime-fighting heros with headgear, apparently. I'm not a comic book reader, so I can't comment on the relationship between this film and 2000AD, but a quick internet search seems generally postitive. But from the non-fan-gir...