I love Moon and so desperately wanted Mute to be good as we had waited so long for it.

You’ve probably already work out then that this unfortunately fell well short of expectations.

What starts out as a futuristic neo-noir with Leo searching for his missing girlfriend abruptly turns in to a very different film about some nasty people in whom we have nothing invested. There are also several strangely flapping loose ends which concerned me. Where has Leo’s family gone? Why does he choose his current life style in neon technology land given that he is still clearly attached to his Amish upbringing (and does the fact that he is Amish even matter? It isn’t explored at all.)

The two strands kind of meet up towards the end, but it’s too neat.

I wish someone had had a quiet word in director Duncan Jones’ ear about the way his female characters are portrayed. ‘Characters’ is a bit of an overstatement, really. Leo’s girlfriend Naadirah, who goes missing early on, works as a waitress in a lap-dancing club wearing only her underwear. Most of the women are dancers, waitresses or sex workers, and wear very little. There is a gratuitous shot of Naadirah in the shower, and completely unnecessary views of young girls wearing very short skirts bending over. There is no sophistication to it, and it actually makes Blade Runner feel like a feminist tale.

The world-building and technological ideas are beautiful, and the sly nods to the fact that it is the same universe as Moon are nicely done. But I had so desperately wanted to like this film that the disappointment was difficult to shake off.

My least favourite films of 2016

I generally manage to stay away from the absolute worst films of the year, but I was scuppered this time around because some of the biggest and most hyped also turned out to be totally and utterly abysmal. Feel free to disagree!

Click on the film title below for my original thoughts on each one.

Number 5 –The Legend of Tarzan

Not even Alexander Skarsgård’s beautifully toned abs could rescue this – mainly because there wasn’t a comprehensible storyline to be found.

Number 4 – Suicide Squad

I love Margot Robbie, but this is her second appearance in this list. She was one of the few good things about Suicide Squad but this was an unholy mess of a film and was only marginally better than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in that it didn’t make me angry, just bored.

Number 3 – Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

Tom Cruise tries to prove to both himself and viewers that he is still capable of doing the same action movie stuff but it only prompted me to issue a cease and desist notice.

Number 2 – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Wonder Woman aside, the women are mothers or girlfriends to be rescued at appropriate moments, to be easily sacrificed, or to be an anonymous plaything for a billionaire vigilante on his night off. A complete fiasco.

Number 1 – Gods of Egypt

The only good thing I could find to say about it was that it mercifully came to an end.

Favourite films coming up in the next post!

The Legend of Tarzan

Honestly couldn’t tell you what the story was supposed to be, as I don’t think there really was one. Skarsgård is bland (but beautiful); Jackson looked like he was phoning it in. And I do really wish Christoph Waltz would find a different role. This is the same as I have seen him in a number of films – generic European bad guy eating food menacingly.