Force Majeure

A film which challenges our own view of ourselves. We probably have an idea of how we think we would react in extreme circumstances, but until we are actually put in that position, most of us will probably never know. And when you discover yourself to be a very different person from the one both you and … Continue reading Force Majeure

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Yay, let's get the gang back together again! Only this time, the 6 superheroes we assembled before just aren't enough, so I know, let's add even more! And we can throw in a few cameos too, just so that we've rammed every spare frame with either an Avenger or a buddy! I did enjoy this while … Continue reading Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Salvation

Beautiful Mads Mikkelsen straps on a holster, loads up his Winchester and primes his cheekbones for a showdown with the guy who done killed his family. It has some gorgeous visuals which make it a pleasure to watch, but beyond that it's actually a formulaic revenge Western with one-dimensional characters, predictable plot and some minimalistic … Continue reading The Salvation

Relatos salvajes – Wild Tales

An anthology of six short scenarios, with a darkly comic theme of revenge. Gleeful, self-indulgent, revenge. We shouldn't side with the violence, yet we can't help ourselves (mostly). In these short vignettes, director Damián Szifrón manages to give just enough background so that we understand exactly why the victims/perpetrators feel and act the way they … Continue reading Relatos salvajes – Wild Tales