My least favourite films of 2016

I generally manage to stay away from the absolute worst films of the year, but I was scuppered this time around because some of the biggest and most hyped also turned out to be totally and utterly abysmal. Feel free to disagree! Click on the film title below for my original thoughts on each one. Number … Continue reading My least favourite films of 2016

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

In which Tom Cruise tries to prove to both himself and viewers that he is still capable of doing the same action movie stuff. Well I'm here to issue a cease and desist notice, Tom. It's time to move on to other things. We know you can do them (Magnolias, Tropic Thunder). You just have … Continue reading Jack Reacher: Never Go Back


You know, I quite liked this! There's a bit of action, a lot of sci-fi and some not too shabby special effects, but I actually liked the concept behind the story most. Which isn't easy to talk about without really giving away too much, so I won't. Tom Cruise is fine, although I'm not sure … Continue reading Oblivion