Oh my lord this is all kinds of crazy! Way too long crazy, who are all these people crazy and ... an octopus playing drums crazy? Yes, all of the above. But also, it's fun, thank goodness. It's not brilliant by any means, and there is one villain too many - presumably to set up … Continue reading Aquaman

Three Identical Strangers

The thing I often struggle with in watching documentaries, no matter how good they are, is that they are by nature subjective. With carefully timed revelations controlled by the director, I frequently feel manipulated by the end, which hugely reduces my enjoyment of the film as a whole. With Three Identical Strangers though, director Tim … Continue reading Three Identical Strangers

The Post

On the one hand, your typical Spielberg Oscar-runner with a worthy story and solid performances from Streep, Hanks, Letts and cast. On the other hand, a timely and topical film about freedom of the press, banning certain news outlets from reporting particular stories, and the White House misleading the public. On balance, I found this … Continue reading The Post